Raschin Fatemi

Head of design at ActionIQ [1]. Led product design at Sailthru [2], WSJ [3] and Adobe [4]. Studied Interaction Design & Industrial Design. [5]

1 ActionIQ is a customer data platform that helps businesses engage with their customers in the modern world. I was amongst the first five employees at the company and used design thinking to shape the culture.

2 Sailthru is an email marketing platform. I designed new products such as content editor, product catalogue and marketing performance dashboards.

3 Collaborated with a small team of journalists, engineering & data scientist; I designed a tool for journalists to tell the news through data visualizations.

4 I moved to New York in 2012. Before that I worked with adobe advanced technology labs in San Fransico. I collaborated with researchers and scientists and made testing prototypes to test product concepts from their research.

5 I studied MFA in Interaction Design at CCA. The program offered a variety of design skills like human computer interaction, visual design and critical thinking.